Thursday, July 18, 2013

DIY Yarn Art

Have you noticed the yarn art pictures popping up all over the blogosphere lately?  I've seen a few around, and I thought they were really cute and seemed like they would be easy to do.  So, this past week I tried my hand at some!
Here is what I did...

I have had this cork board forever...I mean, I think it goes all the way back to college!  Don't know why I've been keeping it all these years!  I decided to use this as my base, but you can also use wood, canvas or any type of board you can nail into.

I ripped the plastic frame off, and printed off a picture that I wanted as my shape.  Now, my board was pretty big (at least 16x20), so I had to free-hand the rest of the heart on more paper to fit the size of shape I wanted.

Here is a close-up of the shape.  Once you have your shape printed out, place it on your board and nail it down with whatever you want to use.  I used those little brads(?), but I have seen others use nails and a hammer.

Once you have finished nailing around your shape, gently tear the paper off.  Also, make sure you are nailing the same distance between each nail.  

 Once your paper is off, take some yarn, tie a small knot at one end, loop it around the bottom nail, and start wrapping.  I just rotated in no specific order.  Keep doing this until all your nails have been wrapped...then outline the whole shape to give it a more distinctive look.

 Close-up of the yarn...I used gray, but it looks a little purple here...

I ended up putting it in our basement...I was going to frame it in, but then I decided I kind of liked the raw, simple look of it.  I don't know...maybe its tacky, I'll keep thinking:)

 I also hung a few other things on this wall a while ago...

Super easy diy, and I think they are really cute!  The things you could do for this project are endless, so grab some yarn, and start stringin'!!


The Hyde Life said...

I would have never thought to use a cork board but what a perfect background! Where could I put one?! Your basement looks so cute! You are so good at grouping wall hangings!

Mana said...

I love this and using a cork board and maybe some of those flat thumbtacks would make this the perfect project to do with a child. So excited because I have a ton of yarn that I'm doing nothing with.

Fashion and Happy Things

Amy Cherry said...

Your basement is looking darling! I need to come see it.

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