Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh, Nate...

Fist of all, I have to mention that my little guy started Kindergarten this week...he has done great so far, and I'm so happy.  Now that the first crazy days of school are behind us, hopefully I can be a little more organized with the extra time I have on my hands:)

Love him:)

Now, was anybody else sad when Nate Berkus' show got cancelled last year?  I loved it, because well, I am a little obsessed with him!  But thankfully, he has his yummy line over at Target to keep me from missing him too much!  I am in love with everything he has done so far, and I am now seeing things from his new line pop up lately, so I did a little round-up of all my favs...

*You can find all of these items here!

Happy Friday and Happy Long Weekend!!


The Hyde Life said...

Nate is cute but that gage of yours is a doll! Love that he looks so happy to start school! Love his darling outfit! And yes love that Nate berkus has a line at target!

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