Thursday, September 12, 2013

Older Girl Room

I've been itching to do a project around here lately, so I decided that its probably time to update my girly's bedroom to an "older" girl room.  We updated her room almost 6 years ago, when we moved her out of her crib.  Its been great and she loved it, but she is now getting out of the pink stage, so its time for a new color. 

I still love her wallpaper, so we will be keeping that...I think I am going to paint the walls a light mint color, and go with a mint, black, white, gold & pink palette.

I am thinking of painting her dresser and nightstand white...

And maybe this vanity a light pink color...I still can't decide yet.  Any ideas??

I want to spray her letters gold...
Here is the moodboard I created for her "older" girl room:
 I'm my challenge is getting the hubs on board too!  Hopefully the painting will be starting very soon...I'll keep you all posted!!


The Hyde Life said...

Oh it will be so cute! Love the colors.. Pillows... And that floral rug!!! How fun:)

Minh Nguyen said...

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