Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Post: Part 1

We moved into our little home almost 6 years ago...when we built this house, I had a totally different taste and style than I do today.  Not that anything in here was bad or wrong, it was just very, very beige!  My style has changed and evolved over the years, and in that time, I have decided that I need a little more color in my life!  So, little by little, we have tackled different rooms.  Hopefully one day I will get that white kitchen I keep dreaming about!  Until that time, here are some pictures of some of our rooms we have "finished" (is anything ever really finished! Ha!).  Again, I don't claim to be an expert at interior design...I'm sure some designers would look at this at gasp at how wrong things are:), but I grew up with an uber talented mom who always made her home such a beautiful place...and I'm pretty sure I get this obsession from her!

I thought I would start posting rooms in the house in separate posts.  Today I will start with our living/great room.  Our house is a total open concept, so we pretty much live in the living room/kitchen/dining area.  That's the beauty of open concept!  Thanks to the wonderful Bethany Kapp Photography for these lovely pics! 


Dining Area




Nate Taylor said...

These pictures look good

The Hyde Life said...

Seriously your house is amazing! After looking at these pics I'm horrified that you came to mine in such disarray! Love everything about your house! Your couches... chairs... Lighting... Wallpaper... Pops of color! It's seriously perfect!

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