Friday, March 29, 2013

This & That

I've been working on a couple of random things lately to help keep my obsession busy!  Spring has a tendency to make me want to change things up...more than usual, that is!  I get bored so stinkin fast when it comes to my house...but anything else in life, I DO NOT like change!  Funny how that works.  Here are a few of those projects:

I finally got around to painting this vase...I talked about it back in my spray paint post.  Oh how I hate decorating above cabinets.  I wish so bad they just went all the way to the ceiling.  Maybe in our next house:)


I fell in love with this chair I saw on Pinterest a while ago, and decided to try this with the chair in my little girls room...


My cute little excited I let her help out on this project!  Geez, I need to not be such a control freak!

 And this is our result! It adds a little more interest to all the pink she has going on in there.


 I've been in love with the faux deer/animal heads for so long now.  I want, want, want one of them from West Elm, like this one:


But for $99...I don't think I will ever be able to justify spending that.  So the other day I was browsing at Hobby Lobby and came across this guy for only $12: 

He looks pretty scary, ugly right now.   But I had a vision!  Nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix!

 Here is how it ended up!  I wasn't quite sold on it at first, but he is definitely growing on me!   

 My kids were a little scared of him at first, but now he is "our friend!" said my little boy.  Hey for $12, I'll take it!!

Keep the warm weather coming next projet is to paint our front door a lively color.  I'm sick of looking at the boring brown!...Stay tuned!!


The Hyde Life said...

12$ for that dear! What a deal! Love it spray painted!

Amy Cherry said...

That ANIMAL head turned out WAY cute!! And Ella's chair is so darling!

Morgan Greaves said...

So cute!!! One of my friends is so talented and makes animal heads out of paper like Anthro.... and She's ridiculously talented and I don't think they cost much (if you ever want to order one)!

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