Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break/Easter

This last week was our Spring Break, and oh how wonderful it was!  I didn't think I'd like having nothing to do, but it was so nice not having to wake up early and worrying about homework, and just relaxing and playing outside in the beautiful weather!  Please, please stay!!  Here are a few pics of our lazy, restful week!  And a happy late Easter!

Since we didn't have school all week, my kids kept bugging me to let them have a "late night" (since we don't do sleepovers)...I set up little treats for all the kids, and they got to stay up late watching Hotel Transylvania.  They loved it! 

cute friends...

 Coloring easter eggs at grandmas house

Easter morning...

playing with new fighter pods from the Easter bunny... 

Seriously, why I give this boy any toys is beyond me...all he needs is a toothbrush and he's good to go! 

This is the best I could get with my toothbrush-crazed 1 year old! 

Easter egg hunt at the other grandmas house

He discovered chocolate yesterday, and he is in love.  Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!! 


Amy Cherry said...

Precious! I love the boys easter outfits! They are so stylin.

The Hyde Life said...

Love Spring break
And love your kids Easter attire!! Too cute!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Oh my cutie pie!! I remember seeing him over at mom's that day. Once he found that chocolate he wasn't interested in anything else. :)

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