Thursday, April 11, 2013

Try the Trend: Hi-Low Skirts

I am a little on the fence with hi-low skirts, but I was perusing at Ross a few weeks ago, and I found this skirt on clearance for $8.00, so I thought, why not?!  They are just as comfy and versatile as long maxi's, and this particular one happened to be the perfect height in the front...some of them are a little too short for me in front, but this one worked perfect!

Skirt: Ross, Jacket: Target, Sandals: Gap outlet
Here are some options I am loving:
How fun is this color? It is perfect for spring, and the length is not too short in the front.

Another fun spring is not getting old for me!  This skirt looks soo comfortable!

I love this fun print...this skirt would be so easy to dress up or keep it casual with some flats.

Love basic black?  This one is perfect for you!

Keeping with the current lace trend, this one is super fun and feminine.

If you can pull off the slit in the front, this skirt is a little more original than the basic hi-low trend.  Super cute with the stripes too! 
My favorite one!  Love the bright color, but it is still super simple...a perfect skirt for summer.


Amy Cherry said...

That actually looks really cute! I thought I hadn't warmed up to those skirts yet but you make it look perfect!

The Hyde Life said...

It totally works! So cute! $8 what a deal! Love Ross!

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