Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mixing Prints 101

Mixing prints in fashion can be very intimidating.  I think so often we are wanting everything to "match" that we can't possibly fathom wearing different prints is actually ok!  All too often, people get stuck in the "matchy-matchy" rut... however it is actually acceptable to mix prints in your clothing!  There are a few rules to follow when you do this though, so it doesn't look like your 5 year old picked out your outfit!

(Maxi: Gap Outlet, Top: F21)

#1 - Scale:  When you are choosing different prints, make sure your patterns are of a different scale.  For example, if you choose a bold floral top to wear, choose a skirt/pants that are a smaller print than the floral.  If your prints on top and bottom are both loud and bold, your look will become very overwhelming.

#2 - 2 Rule:  I have no idea if this is actually a "rule", but I don't think you should wear more than 2 prints in your look.  In my opinion, more than 2 will become a little chaotic and way too busy.  2 seems perfect!

#3 - Choose similar colors:  When mixing prints, try and choose colors that are similar and part of the same color family.  Or choose prints that have the same color background.  This will tie everything together a lot better.

#4 - Start with stripes:  If you are a little nervous about this trend, but would like to try it, I think stripes are the perfect place to start.  For the most part, this is a pretty classic and conservative pattern.  Stripes have been around forever, so most people have at least one item in their wardrobe that has stripes.  You can really go as bold or subtle as you want...if you are a little nervous, start with small stripes.  Try pairing them with polka dots or with a pastel floral top or skirt. 

Now, I am no expert, and have no idea if these are even legit rules!  But mixing prints is fun and can look very effortless and put together.  Fashion is about having fun and taking a few risks...and that includes mixing prints.  Throw that old "matchy" idea out the window and try this fun trend today!!


The Hyde Life said...

My favorite is b/w stripes with leopard. But I need to branch out! Love floral with stripes!! Love all your posts and tips!!

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