Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY Animal Jars & Playroom Thoughts

The next room in our house I would like to tackle is the playroom.  It is nowhere near organized or in any kind of functioning fact, most of the time it is so messy, you have no place to walk!  It will take me some time, but hopefully we'll get to a place of order down there!  In the meantime, I wanted to share this fun little craft I did put together for the room.  I don't quite remember where I saw this, but it was in some magazine...

They are so super easy, and so cute for little storage jars for anything.  I just went to Walmart and grabbed some of these plastic $1 animals...just choose whichever ones speak to you!

Next, I bought these glass jars from Hobby Lobby...they were on sale for $2.00 per jar.  You can choose any size jar you want, depending on what you need storage for.  My kids are colorers...we have more crayons and markers than I know what to do with!  I also thought these jars would be perfect for legos!  We also have those coming out our ears...

Spray paint your animals and lids whatever colors you want...once they are all dry, I just used a screw and screwed them through the underneath bottom lid and into the animals' feet.  They are super sturdy and you can hold them by the animal without it budging.

That's it!  I'm sure you could have figured all that out just by looking at them!:) I am really not much of a DIYer unless it is super easy and quick!  I think they are fun and add a little whimsy to your shelves.

And just for is our lovely playroom right now!  Not so great...pretty blah and boring.  I need to spruce it up...and figure out some sort of storage solution...

Just keeps getting better! 

Actually, I did do one thing worthwhile, by framing and hanging pictures my little girl drew.  She's obsessed with drawing...she thinks she's a real artist:)  And I tell her, "why yes, yes you are!" :)

Ikea is a great place to get things for a playroom...and this little area is where my decorating stopped in this room!

Well, hopefully there will be more to report soon...I'm kind of in a creative funk lately...I feel no inspiration and I can't decided what to do with this room.  Hopefully it'll come sooner rather than later!


The Hyde Life said...

LOVE THOSE JARS! I wouldn't have thought to screw the animals on! Good idea.. Glue wouldn't hold up! That table with the ikea stools is so cute! Love Ella's art work. Darling:)

Foodie said...

Hi there, would I be able to do this on plastic jars with plastic lids?

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