Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home Post: Part 4

This home post is my little boys' room.  Since we moved into our house it has been an office, then a nursery and now a shared room for both my boys.  When I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd boy, we realized they would need to share a room (since we only have 3 rooms upstairs).  The room is pretty small, so we came up with the solution of having a loft bunkbed to try and use the space a little better.  This is what we came up with..and when the baby grows out of his crib, we will just put his twin bed under the loft.  Enjoy!


The Hyde Life said...

Love the loft bed! It's awesome! The chalkboard is darling and I love the hanging baskets with rug underneath to catch dust! The crib is AMAZING! Love te colors too. Perfect boy room!

Renee Schwartz said...

Where did you find that crib?! I have been looking for a simple grey one for weeks now :)

Emily&Kelly said...

I second the crib question...I love it!

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