Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Try the Trend: Neon

For my first Try the Trend, I chose to do something with the neon trend.  I know its been around for a little bit, but I think it will still be here to stay for the spring and summer seasons.  I really like it in small doses...too much neon screams 80s to me...and I'm pretty sure I dressed in all neon when I was growing up, Ha!  So, I just chose a little pop of yellow neon for this outfit...I think if you are wearing neon, keep the rest of your outfit muted and simple.  So tell me what you all think, neon...yes or no?

(dont make fun...I am so not knowing how to do this!)

shoes: Ross (recent)

           Here are a few neon pieces that I love and think work perfectly for this trend!
       I am loving these shoes from Forever.  The little strap of neon is so perfect!

Neon is also easy to do in accessories, especially if you aren't quite comfortable with a piece of clothing just yet...and these earrings are adorable
 How cute is this little girls sweater?  I'd love it for my girly girl

This skirt is perfect with just a little stripe of neon

 I think I need this little guy...perfect for a small crossbody bag.  I love the quilted detail too


The Hyde Life said...

Your shoes are to die for! Agree on the pop of neon! Too much and it can get a little tacky! Love all these picks!

Amy Cherry said...

Cute! Where are the shoes from? If you say TJMAXX, I want you to do a full outfit on everything from there! Teach us how to shop at TJ and save!

Shannon said...

Those shoes are so fun!

Morgan Greaves said...

Love all of them! We def need to go shopping!!!

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