Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Backsplash Decisions

I have been begging the hubby for months and months now to put a backsplash up in our kitchen.  We have a small, builder grade brown kitchen, and it definitely needs some personality in it!  Well, for mothers day, the hubs told me he would do the backsplash for me!  Yay, I'll take it!!  We have priced it out to have it installed, but for the small amount of area that we need tiled, we decided to tackle the project on ourselves.  This is the small area we have:
So, I have always just wanted basic white subway tile, but now that I see all these beautiful pictures popping up all over Pinterest, I'm second guessing my decision!  Look at all these beauties I've come across:
This is the kind of look I have always thought I wanted...basic white with light grout.  I love the clean look of it.
However, I do like this look also...the grout is darker, like a taupe color, but still dark enough to give it a nice contrast.
 How cool is this?!  I never would have thought of placing the tile vertical instead of horizontal.  I kind of love it!
Here is a look with dark gray grout.  I usually am not a fan of dark grout...but it is starting to grow on me...
Love, love, love.  This is my favorite look by far!  I love the herringbone design they did, and I would love to do this in my kitchen...but I worry that my space is too small to pull off this look...
Colored tile...oh how I love this.  I would do this in a heartbeat if I had white cabinets.  Maybe in my next house:)
So, what are your opinions on the subway tile?  I need all the help I can get!!


Anecia said...

I would do the harringbone design. You still get the all white clean look you have always loved but with a cool visual appeal. It makes it a little different with still getting what you've always had in mind. (However, I'm no designer so I don't think the small space matters.) Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do!

Melissa Reynolds said...

Good choice Anecia! I agree with you...I do love that design...maybe I'll have to do that!!

The Hyde Life said...

This was a great debate here as well! I ended up going with the classic shiny subway brick layed. But I LOVE THE HERRINGBONE!! Because of the way my kitchen was herringbone would have been too much with my countertops, I think. I'm sure if you do herringbone ill want to redo mine! Can't wait to see it!!

Angela said...

LOVE the dark grout! It also seems like it would be easier to keep clean!

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