Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baskets & Bins

One of the hardest things about mixing kids and home decor, is trying to find a place to store all of the equipment that come with having kiddos!  As much as I would love my house to be clean and tidy every day, that just isn't realistic with 3 little ones running around.  So, for me, the solution to this problem has been baskets and bins!  I think I have a basket or bin in every room in our house...and sometimes more than one!  You can buy the cutest and most stylish baskets at any store now days, so it isn't hard to blend these storage solutions in with your room.  I decided to come up with a little round-up of all the cute b&b's I've seen around lately!
(going clockwise)
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The Hyde Life said...

I put those chalkboard ones in my mud room and I love them!! I saw some way cute ones at TJ today too! Love the black and white stripes!

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