Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Silhouette Art

I've seen these fun silhouette art pictures all over the web lately, and thought I'd try and make some for our playroom.  I love the cute little profiles you make of your own kids and how recognizable they are to you.  Every little curve of their sweet face is just priceless and I'm so glad I'll have this as a permanent reminder from when my kids were young!  I did this the easiest way I could think of, so here is what I did:

#1: Take a profile picture on a white/light background and print it out on your computer...just on normal printer paper. (Sorry for the turned picture...I could not figure out what was going on!)

#2: Outline the entire profile with a black marker or dark pen

#3: Tape the picture and a blank paper up to a window and trace the profile again by seeing the outlined black marker through. 

#4: Cut out the silhouette and trace it again on some thicker cardstock, or patterned paper...whatever you want the final silhouette to be on.

#5: Now your final silhouette will look like this!  I framed mine in a cheap frame from Ross, sprayed it and used some old fabric I had as the backgound. 

You can have as much fun with this project as you want!  You can use fun scrapbook paper, fabric, wrapping paper or pretty much anything you can find as your background.  I was even contemplating cutting up a super cute beach towel I found!  You can also make the silhouette large or small...just change the size of the picture when you print it out on your computer.

I hung this in our playroom and plan on doing one for each of my boys as well.  The playroom is slowly making some progress!

 I love these...makes me smile every time I look at it and see my cute daughters profile.  Have fun with this super easy project!!


Amy Cherry said...

I Love this!! so cute!

Shannon said...

Oh what a fun idea! I want to try!

The Hyde Life said...

Darling idea!! So cute and love that its of our favorite things.. Our kids!

mspunky said...

awesome thanks for the idea :)

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