Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Day!

My little 6 year old girly finally got her ears pierced!  I don't know why, but I feel like its a big moment in her little life!  She has been begging for a while for them, but we told her when she is ready to take care of her ears on her own, she could get them pierced.  So, a few weeks ago she came to me and stated that she was ready for this "responsibility"!  So, off to Claire's we went:)
 She had to have support from her favorite aunt Morgan!
 Drawing the dots on....

Getting nervous!

See, not so bad!
 She did great!! Hardly even flinched, she is growing up way too fast:(


The Hyde Life said...

Oh Halie is going to be sooooo jealous!!! She looks darling with her ears pierced! She didn't even cry!? Brave girl!

Rachel said...

How exciting! She looks really cute with her ears pierced!

floral & fudge

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