Thursday, May 9, 2013

Paint a Pillow?

I've been eyeing this fabulous gold striped lumbar pillow for awhile now, but I don't really like the $50 pricetag for it.  So, I came up with this genius idea to paint an old lumbar pillow case I've had around.  I have wanted to try the fabric spray paint for awhile, and I thought why not try it now?!

 I taped up the pillow and also taped it down to a drop cloth to keep it secure

Then I sprayed away!  I don't know why, but I forgot to take a picture of the spray I used...but this is it from Joann's:

It is definitely not as fast and thorough as regular spray paint, but it does do a good job on fabric, and doesn't leave it with that crunchy feel.  It was good for this small project since the bottle is so small.  Larger projects might get a little tricky though, it is $6/bottle and the spray nozzle takes awhile to use.  Anyway, here is how it ended up:

I was hoping for more of a metallic, shiny look of gold.  This kind of looks brown to I am still thinking about it:)

I don't know, maybe I should spend the $50 and just get the perfect one!  Until then, this will have to do just fine!  Anyone else tried the fabric spray paint yet??


Di~ said...

I REALLY like the pillow! good job! don't change it.

The Hyde Life said...

Who knew there was such a thing as fabric spray paint!! That's awesome to know! I think it's darling!

Amy Cherry said...

Way cute! I think it looks very gold.

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